Recycled EPS granules



The climate, sustainable construction and the reduction of waste are much-discussed issues today. Pirobouw has been recycling EPS waste, collected through recycling parks, electrical tradesmen and the industry, since 2001. EPS is the abbreviation for Expanded PolyStyrene, popularly called styrofoam or Isomo.

Given the large quantities of EPS that are used daily - just think of the white shock-absorbing packaging of electrical appliances or trays on which meat and fish are sold - it is very important that there be a good re-use for this type of waste.

Pirobouw has brand new installations for processing EPS waste in both its branches. The pure EPS goes into a special crusher and is then stored in large silos. The result is EPS granules with a diameter of 2 to 4 mm which are suitable for various applications. Pirobouw processes these granules as a basic raw material in the insulating mortars Pirotherm, Isobet and Styrobeteasy

More information about our EPS recycling service can be found on the EPS recycling page