Piro-S - Steel


Fire-resistant plaster

Pirobouw has also been a manufacturer of fire-resistant spray plasters, Piro-S and Piro-C,  since the early years.

Piro-S(teel) is a spray plaster with excellent fire-resistant performance suitable for the protection of steel, for both renovation and new construction projects.

Piro-S can be installed by virtually anyone using traditional spray equipment. It is important that the required thickness be respected. The fire-resistant plaster consists of a fibre-free composition of vermiculite, perlite and aggregates with gypsum as a binder. This composition results in a high fire-resistant value and guarantees excellent mechanical strength. Unlike some other fire-resistant plasters, the plasters remain hard and durable after curing, so they do not pulverize over time. The plasters can be painted after they are placed.

Application on steel: Piro-S

Piro-S: the S stands for 'Steel'. This product is applied to various existing and new steel bearing structures.

On steel profiles (columns and beams) wrapped with Grip-latt
REI 60: thickness ≥20mm
REI 120: thickness ≥35mm