Thermal insulation

Isobet is a light, insulating mortar composed of recycled EPS granules, vermiculite, cement as a binder and aggregates for obtaining better properties.

This floor insulation is generally used as a thermal fill layer if there are disparities and level differences and for filling around pipes, for example for intermediate floors of apartment buildings. The difference between Isobet and Styrobet easy:

Isobet is a product that is only installed by recognised implementation companies.

Styrobet easy is a product that is packaged and sold ready-to-use by Pirobouw. Combining the ingredients requires only the addition of water.



thermal insulation layer for intermediate floors


thermal insulation for ground floor Isobet combined with insulation panels for a higher thermal insulation value

Filling out disparities

Isobet is a handy product for filling out disparities and around pipes. A common problem with floors is the tangle of electricity, water and heating pipes. To be able to insulate the floor with a 'classical' insulation panel, an equalisation screed must first be installed. Isobet combines the two layers: equalisation and insulation in one layer.

Perfect floor insulation

With Isobet, thermal bridges cannot occur.
This is because the entire unit is installed seamlessly and without interruptions. A perfect finish can also be achieved against walls and around pipes. The insulation value depends on the workable thickness

Quality guarantee

Isobet has already been produced for 50 years.
The ATG approval guarantees constant high quality.


Technical specifications

- Thermal conductivity (λui): 0.090 W/m.K
(λue): 0.11 W/m.K
- Volume weight (dry): +- 280 kg/m³
- Compressive strength fcm: > 0.3 N/mm²

- Point load diam (100 daN, 80mm): < 1 mm
- Fatigue: <0.02 mm (15000 cycles up to 6 kN/m²)
- Fire reaction: class A1 (EN 13501-1)