Styrobet easy


Thermal insulation

Styrobet easy is a light, insulating mortar composed of recycled EPS granules, vermiculite, cement as a binder and aggregates for obtaining better properties.

This floor insulation is generally used as a thermal fill layer if there are disparities and level differences and for filling around pipes, for example for intermediate floors of apartment buildings. The difference between Isobet and Styrobet easy:

Isobet is a product that is only installed by recognised implementation companies.

Styrobet easy is a product that is packaged and sold ready-to-use by Pirobouw. Combining the ingredients requires only the addition of water.

Filling out disparities

Styrobet easy is a handy product for filling out disparities and around pipes. A common problem with floors is the tangle of electricity, water and heating pipes. To be able to insulate the floor with a 'classical' insulation panel, an equalisation screed must first be installed. Styrobet easy combines the two layers: equalisation and insulation in one layer.

Perfect floor insulation

With Styrobet easy, thermal bridges cannot occur.
This is because the entire unit is installed seamlessly and without interruptions. A perfect finish can also be achieved against walls and around pipes. The insulation value depends on the workable thickness.



Thermal insulation layer for intermediate floors - ‘do-it-yourself’

Quality guarantee

Styrobet easy has already been produced for 50 years. And therefore guarantees constant high quality.

Technical specifications

- Thermal conductivity (λui): 0.10 W/m.K
(λue): 0.12 W/m.K
- Volume weight (dry): +- 270 kg/m³
- Compressive strength fcm: > 0.3 N/mm² (3 kg/cm)
- Point load diam (100 daN, 80mm): < 0.5 mm
- Fatigue: <0.02 mm (15000 cycles up to 600 kg/m²)
- Fire reaction: class A2FL (EN 13501-1)