Isobet plus


Acoustic insulation

Isobet-Plus is a system for both thermal and acoustic insulation of intermediate floors. The Isobet-Plus system is obtained by placing a specially developed, acoustically insulating foil on the Isobet layer.

The Isobet- Plus system is a perfect translation into practice of the floating screed principleIsobet-Plus reduces contact noise by 27 dB (∆ Lw = 27 dB, according to EN ISO 717).

Thermal insulation

Isobet is a light, insulating mortar composed of recycled EPS granules, vermiculite, cement as a binder and aggregates for obtaining better properties.

This floor insulation is generally used as a thermal fill layer if there are disparities and level differences and for filling around pipes, for example for intermediate floors of apartment buildings.

With Isobet, thermal bridges cannot occur.
This is because the entire unit is installed seamlessly and without interruptions. A perfect finish can also be achieved against walls and around pipes. The insulation value depends on the workable thickness.


Quality guarantee

To guarantee that every floor is executed perfectly, the Isobet-Plus system is installed exclusively by recognised implementation companies, Thiers-Horizon nv and Eltherm. With contact sound insulation, after all, it is the details that make the insulation quality. The ATG approval guarantees the reduction of contact noise.


thermal and acoustic insulation for intermediate floors in apartments: